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On June 3, 2020 Persad Center signed the below joint statement with four local LGBTQ+ organizations:

Our organizations are all deeply saddened by the recent deaths of George Floyd and Tony McDade. It is yet another reminder of the systemic racism that continues to exist and affect too many people who are discriminated against in our country, including our own community members.

We believe that none of us are equal until all of us are equal and we pledge the following:

  • We will educate ourselves, listen, and learn how we can be most effective in advancing causes of critical importance to Black and Brown Americans.

  • We will leverage our voice coming from a marginalized community to amplify the message and ignite the urgency of the Black Lives Matter movement.

  • We will not substitute awareness for action and will be pro-active asserting equality for all Americans.

Today we stand together and call on our community members, corporate partners, donors and those who we serve to join us.

The time is now to do better and be better.


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